To promote the skills development and training agenda throughout the continent by providing responsive and sustainable training interventions aiming at bridging the skills shortages and gaps in the working class

To integrate intelligence and wisdom through experience using cutting-edge research and latest training interventions.




To provide training services across the economic sectors through:


  1. Effective and cost efficient management and technical training materials

  2. Monitoring, evaluation and research of training programmes to improve productivity at the workplace

  3. Developing relevant training materials readily to be implemented by our clients after attending our highly interactive courses

  4. Developing and on-going research in various organisations using expert trainers to facilitate our events

  5. Enhancing and maintaining strategic partnerships with past and future clients

  6. Creating networking opportunities for business continuity

  7. Upholding customer satisfaction through excellent service delivery


Core Business


  1. Delivering must-have and must-attend training solutions in both public and private sector. Cost- effective training to our most valued clients

  2. Design, development and quality assurance of learning programmes: both generic and specific field of learning

  3. Quantitative and qualitative training research using appropriate research instruments like questionnaires and telephonic interviews and innovative ideas to continuously improve our training materials and keeping with latest development trends in the marketplace.

  4. Analysis of our training materials together with experienced trainers and clients to make them responsive to immediate implementation realities

  5. Evaluation of training materials for proper capacity building, training of trainers and material developers in organisation

  6. Assessment development policy – Pre and post-course assessments are ensured in order to offer our clients what they really need and to guarantee the training is pitched at the correct level of audiences. Together, with the usage of post course assessment we are able to deliver on our objectives and assure our clients value for their money

  7. Research, organise and host projects on training courses that are been delivered on time and at the right time convenient to our various target markets